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  • Product Name:Dry flower silica gel bag

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  • Min.Order Quantity:1000PCS
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  • Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
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  • Adsorption:35%

This product contains a mix of white flower drying silica gel and a small amount of orange (indicating) silica gel, and comes packaged in a resealable (zip-lock) moisture barrier bag. Reactivation instructions are also included.


Flower drying silica gel provides the best and easiest method for preserving flowers as it adsorbs the moisture of the flower while maintaining its colour and shape. Other methods of drying flowers, such as air drying or sand drying, produce a somewhat withered look and dulled colours. Using flower drying silica gel, most flowers are dried within 2-3 days.

Just like regular silica gel, once the flower drying granules have been saturated, they can be reused by simply heating them in an oven. (see reactivation instructions below)

The orange silica gel in this mix is self indicating; meaning the beads will turn dark green in colour when they become saturated and are no longer adsorbing moisture - so you know when you need to reactivate/replace your silica gel.

Flowers that preserve well using Silica Gel

- Roses
- Daises
- Peonies
- Larkspur
- Heather
- Grasses

- Marigold
- Dahlia
- Delphinium
- Aster
- Bachelor Buttons
- Foliage

- Celosia
- Zinnia
- Gompherna
- Carnations
- Geranium
- Chrysanthemum



Additional Information
- Flower drying granule size is 0.5-1.5mm

- Indicating silica gel bead size is 2-4mm
- Chemically inert, non-corrosive and non-toxic
- Odourless
- Remains dry to the touch, even when granules are saturated
- Does not form by-products
- Does not contain cobalt chloride (present in blue silica gel)


Reactivation Instructions
Heat the granules in an open container in your oven at a temperature of between 105°c and 120°c for approximately 2 hours, checking periodically. Once the indicating beads have returned to their original colour (orange), let the silica gel beads cool and then store them in a sealed container until you are ready to use them again.


note: avoid heating the beads above 125°c as this may damage the colouring agent within the indicating beads.


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