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  • Product Name:Natural biochemical desiccant bag supplier in China

  • FOB Price:
  • Min.Order Quantity:10000PCS
  • Supply Ability:1000cartons/week
  • Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
  • Payment Tems:TT/Paypal/West union
  • Adsorption:300%
The main ingredient is natural plant fiber, can be 100% natural degradation, it is a environmental protection product, contains no additives, corrosive materials and chloride, pure natural mineral processing and into. The show neuter PH value, without any corrosive.  In room temperature and general humidity, it has the high adsorption performance. Saturated moisture absorption rate can amount to 300% of its weight (25 °C, RH = 100%). Moisture rate is 20 times to common silica gel, the longest effective validity is 30-90 days, and has the efficacy of reducing moisture statically as well as eliminate Peculiar smell.
Can be widely used in textile and shoe clothing, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, drugs, food and low-level product contour moistureproof.
Item Biochemical Desiccant
Moisture Content 3%
Color White
Net Weight  5G
Packaging  BT
Printing Customize
PH 6.9
Moisture Adsorption 25℃, RH=50%,  ≥112.5%
25℃, RH=90%,  ≥165.6%
Appearance Particles 
Feature Degradable, Eco-friendly


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