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  • Product Name:Food Oxygen Absorber with Indicator keep storage longer

  • FOB Price:
  • Min.Order Quantity:1 carton
  • Supply Ability:1000 cartons/week
  • Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
  • Adsorption:
oxygen absorber indicators need to be used  in  seal packaging bag/container. It can reduce oxygen of the packaging or container . oxygen absorber indicator turns blue or purple, then returns to its original pink color as the oxygen in the container is reduced.
Advantage of indicator oxygen absorber:
-It can be very intuitive to see whether there is any oxygen in the package after indicator oxygen absorber seal in it.
-It's convenience,simple and safety. 
Without Oxygen= Pink     With Oxygen =Purple

1.Moon cakes, Cakes, Waffles, Bread etc.
2.Beef jerky, Dried pork, Puffed pork,Ham sausage etc.
3.Roasted seeds and nuts,Pistachio,Macadamia nut,Almond,Pecan,Walnut,Chinese chestnut,Melon seed,Pumpkin seed,All kinds of beans etc.
4.Dehydrated vegetables, Dried seafood,Shredded squid,Tea,
Laver,red dates,Wheat, Maize etc.
5.Medicine etc.
6.Precision instruments, Books, Artifacts, Tobacco etc.
7.Pet food , Fish food etc.  
Style Oxygen Uptakes /ml Weight (g) Size(mm) Packaging(CTN*Pack*Bag) Food Weight(for Reference)
DX-H-20Z 160ml 1.3G±0.2 40*38 1*400*20 ≤  80G
DX-H-30Z 240ml 2.4G±0.2 40*42 1*300*20 ≤  180G
DX-H-50Z 400ml 3G±0.2 40*50 1*200*20 ≤  300G
DX-H-100Z 600ml 6G±0.2 40*60 1*150*20 ≤  500G


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