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How to avoid such dangerous from food lime desiccant?

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How to effectively avoid such dangerous?When open the food packaging, first to see whether use food lime desiccant or not , if it is , don’t opened, don't eat, don't play, do not soak and best directly throw it away."If children are not careful to throw in food lime desiccant filled with water or close to full glass of water, sometimes spills, alkaline liquid may hurt children closer from the glass.

If food lime desiccant explosion, and the liquid gets into the child eyes, never go to massage, should immediately go to a doctor.He reminded, if there is a desiccant accidentally splashed into the eyes, should be as soon as possible with water or saline flush eye from the inside to the outside.Inconvenience when flushing, eyes can be soaked in water, separating the eyelids with the hand, turn the eye shake head.

If swallowed the desiccant, had better not vomiting, immediately oral milk or water, but not too much.At the same time should pay attention to, do not use any to neutralize acids matter, because neutralization reaction releases heat can aggravate the damage.