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  • Product Name:Fruit Keeping Fresh Agent ethylene absorber

  • FOB Price:
  • Min.Order Quantity:1000PCS
  • Supply Ability:1000cartons/week
  • Port:Guangzhou/Shenzhen
  • Payment Tems:TT/Paypal/West union
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Ethylene Absorber Packets & Filters
Ethylene Absorbing Packets and Filters extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers in a packaged or bulk environment. Made with natural occurring zeolites, these products remove unwanted ethylene gas through the oxidation process, thereby ensuring the quality of freshness of the product while in transit or in storage.
Ethylene Absorbing Packets and Filters can be used with a wide variety of agricultural products, including: apples, kiwis, bananas, avocados, onions, citrus, fresh flowers and many others. Ethylene Absorbing Packets are available in three sizes: 5,10 & 30 grams. Ethylene Filters are available in 3 lb. and 9 lb. sizes. These products can be placed in direct contact with all types of boxes produce or floral commodities.
ELIMINATES decay, mold, discoloration, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch and many other negative effects caused by ethylene gas.
Use during Post-harvest handling to slow down the ripening process of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
Use during domestic and international shipments traveling via ocean, truck, rail and air.
Non-toxic, chemically inert, can be disposed of as normal waste.
Tyvek® is FDA approved, non-dusting & non-tearing (packets only).


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